As with all autoimmune conditions they are not idiopathic (unknown cause). They are a culmination of multiple causes and system breakdowns that synergize into a pro inflammatory autoimmune response.

You must remember you will never get well from psoriasis if you think you have a skin condition. You do NOT! Your skin, nails, and joints are the victims of your own immune system.

Of all the factors contributing to psoriasis (hormone imbalance, food allergies, xenobiotic toxins, dysbiosis) dysbiosis is the major initiator. (Please see rheumatoid arthritis page for more information and detail causes on auto immunity).

“We have repeatedly observed psoriatic flares associated with microbial infections!” Patricia Noah, Ph.D University of Tennessee, College of Medicine.

Primarily this happens in the gut and must be addressed.

Our program is designed to locate the cause of your immune malfunction through metabolic testing. Once the problem areas are located we have natural corrective procedures to help your body heal (diet change, supplementation, upper cervical chiropractic, detox and more).


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